Shenzhen tow truck customs declaration to Shenzhen import and export custom brokers company

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Beer imported domestic consignee required qualification: 1, "wholesale liquor license" in 2, engaged in food business license, food distribution license 3 beer import customs clearance documents required are as follows: 1, Packing List (packing list) 2, Contract (contract) 3, Invoice (invoice) 4, Certificate (of origin certificate of origin, Sanitary Certificate (GUAN) 5 Party health certificate), 6 Supplement Facts (issued by the third party inspection agency of the component analysis table) 7, Label sample for both original language and Chinese (standard, and Chinese back label interpretation) beer import agent inspection process: pre entry (electronic registration) - received after the receipt of inspection staff to the scene accompanied by the inspection and quarantine personnel for inspection, the necessary explanation behind, may occur in two situations: 1. on-site inspection, sampling. Laboratory testing, qualified certificate (quasi unqualified, can apply for a review, review unqualified, directly returned) - draft audit - Review - inspection certificate issued by the health certificate, customers enter the domestic market. 2., on-site inspection is unqualified. It can be reworked and reorganized, and the inspection and quarantine treatment notice is issued. After reworking and finishing, it will be applied for inspection again. It can''t be reworked and sorted out. It will issue a disqualification certificate = be returned. * * * the company: agent trailer customs agent customs agents pay tax payment TNT express enterprise do do annual customs customs data (need to import and export customs data, we can help you to do the operation) documents do certificate contact: Li Sheng Tel: 17620393760 WeChat: 15103839745 Q Q: 3004171304 if you want to know more specific content can "Tuopu supply chain" is the official website for more information above, what do not understand, please go to the top of WeChat supply chain public question, Tuopu supply chain, professional import and export agents, customs clearance, export tax rebates have very rich experience. **本公司经营:代理拖车报关 代理退税 买单报关 代理付汇 TNT快递 代做企业海关年报 代做海关数据(需要进出口海关数据,我们可以帮您操作)代做全国单证资料 代做产地证 联系人:李生 电话:176 2039 3760 微信:151 0383 9745 Q Q: 300 417 1304 如果想要了解更多更具体的内容,可以“拓普供应链”官网查询更多内容,对于以上资讯还有什么不懂的,请到拓普供应链微信公众号提出疑问,拓普供应链,专业进出口代理,出口报关,出口退税具备十分丰富的经验。